One kit is all you need per family! Kit supplies will be customised for the amount of items you're painting. Pick up Sunday between 12-6pm, Drop off Wednesday between 2-8pm.


kit includes: 
- 10 preselected paint colours pictured above

- Painting supplies: paint pallates, water bowls, brushes & brush cup

- Sandpaper

- Sponge

- Pencil

- Detailed instructions!

*Pottery sold sparately


Don't see the colour you want? check out our Extras to add a a custom colour.

*Finished colours may vary slightly from how they appear on screen.

We will email you a confirmation and curbside pick/drop off info

When your pottery is fired, we'll contact you.

*All kits and supplies are washed and sanitized throughly between uses.


*Due to limited kits and supplies, late fees or charges for items not returned may apply. Thanks for your understanding.

Regular kit - 3 Day deal!

Pick Up Day

    (902) 407-5499

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