*This kit already includes pottery chosen and pre-packed by us, items vary and are not necessarily as pictured above. Not to be used with pottery items purchased from the online store. 


No-Fire means no time limit and no need to return anything!

 just pick it up unpack it and have fun!

As an alternative to our usual service, these kits are designed with no-fire paints & materials to eliminate the need to return items for glazing and kiln firing. This also saves you a trip to pick up your finished pottery after the firing, simply keep everything when youre done.

Each kit includes:

  • Acrylic paints & Brushes
  • Mod Podge & Glitter mod podge as a clear coat/sealer.
  • Instructions so you’ll know how everything works
  • Colour Wheel & Colour mixing cheat sheet to help kids learn about colour theory and mixing new colours.
  • 2 or more mystery pottery pieces varying in sizes and shapes. (These are no-fire, non-food items so usually animal shapes and figurines from our party shelf.. kits are pre-packed, sorry no pottery substitutions.)



*Please remember:

This kit includes acrylic paints which are not washable, and CANNOT be used on pottery you wish to have fired in the kiln. Only our pottery glazes can be fired in the kiln. If you wish to paint food items like mugs/dishes, prefer our waterbased, washable glazes, or if you just prefer the glazed finished pieces, you can shop our store and use a take home kit with our regular kiln fire glazes and supplies. 

NO-FIRE Mystery Art Kit


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